super u finishing school


You’ve been preparing for this day your whole life.

Every dream that you could fly, every traffic light that’s changed at your command, every kiss you ever stole and every fortune that you gave away.

You may not have realized it, but you’ve been training hard. And today, you’re ready. Today you embrace your calling as the superhero that you’ve always been becoming.

There’s just one last thing you need, before you step out into the world: your talisman of power. The object that embodies all you stand for, that will always remind you of who you really are.

Only you will know what your talisman should look like. We’re just here to help, because that’s our superpower.

Super U Finishing School was a narrativised craft workshop using recycled materials, which ran at Pop Up Playground’s Fresh Air Festival in February 2013. Delightfully, many of Melbourne’s secret superheroes came out to play.